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The Fondo API provides financial and non-financial partners alike the tools to offer mutual fund investments in any user journey.

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Use cases

Here are a few examples what you can do with Fondo

Fund Companies

Grow the relationship with your unitholders, offering direct investment solutions in your app or website.

Wealth Managers

Get more time for your wealth clients with digital onboarding and real-time portfolio updates.

Banks & Neo-Banks

Add a market leading vertical with a core in mutual funds to better service your clients.

Employee Benefits

Financial health is the new black! Empower your employees with attractive investment options as part of your compensation program.

Loyalty Programs

Be a pioneer in credit card loyalty. Allow your cash back members the option of automatic reinvestment into mutual funds.

Everything Else

You have a product or an idea you wish to integrate with investments? Reach out, we are always happy to help you along the way.

How our API help Wealth Managers get more out of their business

Fondo teamed up with Sharpfin, a market leader in the field of Wealth Management Systems, to create powerful all-in-one solution for wealth managers. By leveraging the Fondo API, Wealth Managers can seamlessly access realtime account information and execute orders for their clients within their existing Sharpfin interface.

  • Smooth and paperless onboarding
  • Realtime portfolio updates
  • Secure payments
  • Regulatory reporting and backoffice

How our API help individuals to reduce their fees to boost returns

The Fondo app, launched in 2021, has led the way in Sweden as a transparent and accessible investment platform. Ease of use, commission-free and entirely built upon the same infrastructure accessible to our partners.

  • c 100% Commission free
  • All your favorite mutual funds
  • Same guarantees as your bank
  • Automated Saving Plans
  • Foreign exchange only 0.25%
the fondo app

Tap into the power of the API

Build better investment products on top of our next gen custody platform. We offer regulatory compliant infrastructure so you can focus on growing your business.

Fondo API

Create your own Custom Experience

Get started with our intuitive and developer-friendly API to design custom user journeys, account dashboards, exclusive fund offering or order execution - all in line with your company's design system.

Fondo Embedded

Leveraging Cloud Technology

Fondo's platform leverages cloud-native technology and a modern development stack, enabling a highly scalable and secure infrastructure for automated custody and execution services.

Have a look at our API Documentation

Designed for strong products like yours

The Fondo API will save you time and headache by taking care of all the essentials.

24/7 Uptime

Enjoy uninterrupted access with our cloud-based solution, ensuring around the clock uptime and eliminating maintenance downtime.

Regulatory coverage

Rest easy knowing we are a fully regulated custodian, taking complete responsibility for safekeeping of assets - as well as AML/KYC and reporting.

Wrappers for all needs

We offer a broad selection of wrappers for your clients assets - including ISK, Endowment Insurance (”Kapitalförsäkring”), and Fund Depot accounts.

Hands-off order execution

Experience fully digital and automated order execution, complemented by our backoffice operations simply monitoring trade and settlement.

Secure Payments

Look no further for payment solutions - Fondo has automated support for payment transactions through robust infrastructure like Swish, Bankgiro and Autogiro.

We are Paperless

We give your users a completely digital experience. No need for any paperwork when opening an account or signing a power of attorney.

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